Themes: Our Creativy Diversity
A new global ethics
A commitment to pluralism
Challenges of a media-rich world
recasting cultural policies
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A commitment to pluralism

We should not only tolerate cultural differences (between ethnic groups, countries or religions), we should, in fact, welcome them. This is one of the things that is mentioned in ‘A Commitment to Pluralism’, one of the four chapters from the report Our Creative Diversity of which the complete text can be found on this site. (Click for the other chapters in the bar in the right-hand corner). You can also find a summary of the chapter on this site.

Under the heading ‘comments’ you can find reactions to the report of, among others, Ria Lavrijsen and Livio Sansone. At the conference The Power of Culture, which took place in November 1996, there was a panel discussion about the theme. Members of this discussion were Dragan Klaic, Allister Sparks and Josette Feral.

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Report text
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pijltje.gif (179 bytes) Challenges of a media-rich world
pijltje.gif (179 bytes) Recasting cultural policies
General introduction
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Background Intergovernmental conference on Cultural Policies for Development
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