Bangla Academy

Old High Court Road
Dhaka -1000
Phone: 86119577
Established on December 3, 1955, the Bangla Academy has played a major role in the Bangla cultural scene attempting to uphold Bangla literature, folklore and research right from the start. Currently the Bangla Academy is an autonomous body operating with four major departments: (1) Research, Compilation and Folklore, (2) Language, Literature, Culture and Journal, (3) Textbooks and (4) Establishment, Planning and Training. Each year all through the month of February Bangla Academy becomes the centre of all the cultural activities in Bangladesh, because of the month-long Ekushey Book Fair, organised to commemorate the martyrs of the Language Movement.

Shilpakala Academy

Segun Bagicha, Ramna, Dhaka
Phone: 9562801-4
Established in 1974, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy plays a great role in cultural cultivation throughout the country. It has many branches in almost every district of Bangladesh. The primary responsibilities of each branch are to teach about music, musical instruments, theatre, film, etc. Every two years, Shilpakala Academy arranges the Asian Art Biennial, the largest art exhibition in Asia.

Bangladesh Shishu Academy

University Area
Dhaka - 1000
Phone: 9550317
The Bangladesh Shishu Academy was established in 1976 to promote the physical, psychological and cultural development of children. It conducts activities in every district.

Bangladesh National Museum

Shahbag, Dhaka
Phone: 8619369
The Bangladesh National Museum was inaugurated on November 17, 1983, incorporating the cultural properties of the old Dhaka Museum established in 1913. As a multidisciplinary museum, it is currently the biggest repository of antiquities and art objects. It also exhibits the country’s specimens of natural history. It is now a nerve centre of contemporary cultural activities of Bangladesh.

Liberation War Museum

5 segun Bagicha
Dhaka -1000
Phone: 9559091
The Liberation War Museum upholds the glorious history of the freedom fight of 1971. The museum is dedicated to the freedom-loving people of the world and to the victims of mindless atrocities and destruction committed in the name of religion and sovereignty.

Bangladesh Short Film Forum

89 Aziz Cooperative Super Market (1st Floor)
Dhaka - 1000
Phone: 9664760
The Bangladesh Short Film Forum is an organisation of independent filmmakers outside the commercial film production, exhibition and distribution establishment. The Forum was created in August 1986. Almost all of these young filmmakers were initiated into film through the cine-club movement, which began here during the 1960's.


Road 15A, House 72, Dhanmondi
R/A Dhaka - 1209
Chhayanaut is a popular musical institution, contributing to academic music since 1961. It regularly arranges a large musical event every Bengali New Year's Day at Romana Botomul.

Bulbul and Lolitokola Academy

7, Waisghat
Dhaka -1100
Phone: 233529
The Bulbul and Lolitokola Academy is a popular cultural organisation that regularly organises Bengali traditonal cultural performances. It also arranges training and workshops on music and dance to educate young performers.

Nazrul Academy

Belalabad Colony, Moghbazar
Dhaka - 1217
Phone: 416029
This institute is named after the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. It offers training and performance programs in music, dance, literature and drama.

Bishwa shahitya Kendra

14 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Dhaka -1000
Phone: 9660812
Bishwa shahitya Kendra arranges workshops about reading books all over country. It has around 500 branches. This organisation’s motto is 'We want enlightened people'. It has been playing a vital role in cultural and social development since its establishment in 1978.

Institution of Fine Arts

Dhaka University
Shahbag, Dhaka
The Institution of Fine Arts was established in the 1950's and has been playing an important role as a centre of the modern art movement as well as providing a place for cultural activities.

Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation

4, Nao Ratan Colony
New Bailey Road
Dhaka - 1000
The Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation is the country’s main drama and theatre organisation. It plays a significant role in the development of performing arts.

Dhaka university, Drik, Shilpangon, Bengal foundation, Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institute, Indian cultural center and Jahangirnagar university, The British Council Bangladesh, Russian Cultural Centre, Shommilito Sanskaritik Jyote and Bangladesh Kobita Porishad play a vital role of cultural exhibition and cultivation.


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